Jerusalem, Israel

Teramount changes the world of optical connectivity by offering a novel solution for connecting optics to silicon. Silicon-photonics, which realizes speed of light data transfer at low power consumption, is the most promising technology enabler for the next generation of high-speed data transfer in data centers, cloud computing, HPC and other datacom applications. One of the main challenges of next-generation data center co-packaged switches is scalability of fiber-to-chip connectivity - the ability to reliably connect hundreds of fibers to a single switch chip at high yield and low cost. Teramount Photonic-plug’s technology demonstrated 100X improved tolerance in assembling fiber to silicon chip compared to existing technologies, enabling successful integration of optics with silicon and scalable deployment of silicon photonics. With this, Teramount is solving a major obstacle of next-generation data center co-packaged switches thus, enabling a reliable and dense-fiber connectivity at high yield and low cost.

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