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Senior Compiler & Simulator SW Development Engineer


Ramat HaHayal, IL
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Engineering Software
  • Industry: Semiconductors
  • Post Date: 01/06/2021
  • Website: neuroblade.ai
  • Company Address: Tel Aviv-Yafo

About NeuroBlade

Fast general purpose AI execution with no memory bottlenecks and no accuracy compromises.

Job Description

NeuroBlade is looking for a Software Engineer who will take part of the design, development and maintenance of core software products, from the earliest stages.  You will have high technical sense and develop high quality software. We are looking for engineers who are self-motivated, open minded and are willing to have responsibility throughout the all development phases.

NeuroBlade set out on a mission to redefine computer architecture for memory intensive tasks. We build high performance solutions for the rapidly growing AI & Analytics market while lowering total cost of ownership. NeuroBlade’s unique hardware solution paired with a complete end-to-end SW stack, enables businesses to take the next leap forward by increasing the efficiency and affordability of their data-centers.

You will become a part of our young and agile team of open-source technology experts. You will work together with our team on a variety of challenging customer projects including, domain-specific modeling tools, custom integrated development environments, and specialized business applications for engineers in various domains. You will be responsible for working on feature development and technology scouting in customer projects, and also for enhancing open-source frameworks.


Design, Implement and integrate HW multithreaded – simulation, often including implementing fine-tuned algorithms and working with complex data structures.
Contribute to the development and maintenance of LLVM-based compilers.
Implement frontend Software product for customer within and outside of the company.
Benchmark testing and performance improvements.
Develop architectural and functional documentation.
Refactor or improve existing code, as well as report and document bugs.
Interact and lead technical discussions with other members of the team, and collaborate with team members to solve complex issues


Excellent Programming skills (CC++, JavaScript)
Basic knowledge about the development of software and HW Tools (simulation, compiler (GCC, Clang), profiling (gprof), HW debugger (GDB, LLDB), IDEs (eclipse,VScode,VS studio))
Highly motivated and eager to learn
Ability to communicate technical issues clearly


LLVM tool chain support experience
Experience high performance parallel software frameworks such as OpenCL, cuda etc.
Experience working with embedded systems
Knowledge of computer architecture