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Senior Full Stack Engineer


Tel Aviv, IL
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Engineering Software
  • Industry: Digital Health
  • Post Date: 11/18/2021
  • Email: jobs@nucleaimd.com
  • Website: www.nucleaimd.com
  • Company Address: Tel Aviv

About Nucleai

Nucleai improves the cancer diagnostics process (tissue biopsies inspections, Pathology) to be more efficient, accurate and consistent through applying innovative Machine Learning and Machine Vision Algorithms. Nucleai has the vision of enabling personalized treatment, improve procedures (on-site) and provide better classification for Oncology.

Job Description

Every cancer patient wants to know that their diagnosis, and the corresponding treatment, is determined with the utmost precision, and preferably with the most advanced technology.

At Nucleai, we bring cancer patients cutting edge AI-based technology, by improving biopsy interpretation with machine learning and by creating novel precision medicine technology.


In the web and infrastructure team you will be in charge of building Nucleai's customer-facing web application that visualize algorithmic results on top of the pathologial slide as well as our internal web application for tagging annotations to train ML models.

In addition you will be responsible for building frameworks and services that process data, parallelize execution of machine learning models, convert and store results, and so forth.


Job Requirements:

At least 3 years experience in developing full stack applications (for senior position at least 7 years experience)

Experience in at least one of the following frontend frameworks: React, Angular, Vue

Experience in at least one of the following backend web frameworks: Flask, Django, NodeJS (ExpressJS or other), Ruby on Rails, Sinatra

Attention to details in implementing UX and a passion for writing good clean code

Python experience - advantage

React + Redux/MobX experience - advantage

TypeScript - advantage

Familiarity with AWS/Azure/GCP clouds and tools such as Docker, Terraform, CI/CD or an interest to learn them - advantage